Learning material

In the future, you will find a rich selection of learning materials here, which will offer pupils, students and other interested parties a more in-depth and intensive examination of the contents of the exhibition and its so many different components. 

Currently, under the title "Didactic Research: German Crisis Landscapes - Culture of Remembrance and Critical Art Education", a research project initiated by Prof. Dr. phil. Andreas Brenne is conducted at the University of Osnabrück. Students will develop further learning materials that are specially adapted to the subject matter of the exhibition and its mediating character, the different locations and their diverse history(ies).

The cooperation partners of the 7Places project have also designed learning materials, which for copyright reasons are not available for direct download, but can be provided on request.

We also offer the opportunity to hold digital events with the of the seven locations and all other cooperation partners - please have a look at our Open Virtual Museum.

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Do not hesitate to communicate your questions, cooperation requests, event requests and any feedback to us in the same way.


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